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Orchestra is a software suite designed and developed with the aim of creating a powerful, complete and transversal tool for analysis and analysis


Orchestra is a software suite designed and developed with the aim of creating a powerful, complete and transversal tool for analysis and analysis management. The suite, developed with client-server interface with SQL Server data source, is able to interface with ERP or other management software through exchange tables or web services.
Orchestra is characterized by independent, but closely connected products, which can be implemented in a modular and flexible way.

  • Warehouse: for the semi-automatic and manual warehouse.
  • Manager: for all the flows of goods in movement between the various company departments.
  • Maintainer: for plant maintenance. The modules and the relative functional areas interact continuously with each other in order to allow a punctual, precise and updated analysis in real time.

Orchestra represents an analysis and management tool for logistics and maintenance processes, through the processing of data and the movement flows of spare parts, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Software solutions


The Warehouse characterizes and associates the storage positions of the goods with the load units to be handled, both uniquely coded. Depending on the need, the load units to be traced can be pallets, boxes or packages. This characterization allows easy picking management.

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Experience teaches that the successful installation of the Warehouse solution requires the correct identification of:

  • each physical location to be mapped;
  • each load unit to be traced;
  • every shipping order to be handled.

Correctly processing the attributes of these three elements is the main purpose of the Warehouse, so as to be able to determine the right storage position in the warehouse entry phase and subsequently the correct load unit to be picked up during shipment.
In its automatic version it allows to manage the automatic warehouse using the Navigator tool to determine the suitable optimized paths according to the present automation.
Warehouse and Automatic therefore completely manage the storage, movement, partial (picking) and total (shipment) of the goods.

Picking & Packing

The Put & Pick is a comfortable and intuitive system for the operator, who has his hands free and does not have to use any kind of annoying equipment and essentially does not require learning. There are models suitable for any type of need.

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The most frequent illuminate the pick-up position and indicate the required quantity, with a quick confirmation from the operator: just press a button. For processes that require maximum reliability, there are models equipped with sensors that automatically detect if the selected item is the right one, warning the operator in case of error. The systems are particularly suitable for sites where the items are high-end and / or subject to considerable stock rotation.

They are also useful in sites with medium and low inventory turnover, in which solutions can be set with greater possibilities or in combination with radiofrequency systems. They also provide multi-colored options throughout the product range.

All this, together with the ease of programming, allows the development of applications in which various operators can work on the preparation of the same order or in which a single operator can set up several orders simultaneously. In case of need to replenish stocks, the order is sent immediately to the system by the light module, without hindering the preparation process.

Lean Visual

The logistic process is easily perceived through the visual management of the spaces, using tools that allow to increase the awareness of the activities to be performed and the objectives to be achieved.

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Position identifiers must be unequivocally chosen. They describe exactly a position (similar to a postal address), which can be easily found by operators. The code, for example, indicates in each of its values the positions of the shelf, the column, the row.


It allows to manage the automatic warehouse using the Navigator tool to determine the suitable optimized routes according to the present automation.


Research &


Manager aims to concentrate information coming from the different departments, providing an overview of the on-going processes inside of the company and being the spine of the information flow. The Manager focuses on the flows of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, managing the stock level and the supply chain.


Nowadays, the plant maintenance can be considered a business unit and the Maintainer aims to represent a value-added software. Based on a wide database capability, it can cross information between maintenance reporting and fault history, giving the chance to schedule maintenance interventions, about a certain department, plant and time-frame.

Autosat Wi-Fi Controller

This is the key to manage the AutoSat WiFi machine from smartphones, tablets or handhelds. Including all the functionalities featured on the machine remote controller, the AutoSat Wi-Fi Controller is the right tool for managing all the operations required in multi-depth warehouses.

Performance Analysis Tool (PAT)

The utmost precision, the fluentest interactions, the clearest point of view: this is what Sistemha is looking for and this is what Sistemha provides to its customers through the PAT – Performance Analysis Tool.

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Showing different KPIs, carefully chosen to delivery the deepest and the most precise information at every time, the PAT is the right solution for taking the next step in the warehouse monitoring panorama on multiple levels: performance, capacity and errors impact. Fully available on mobile devices too, this software aims to guarantee a complete and user-friendly usage experience.

Orchestra Automatic Controller

The Orchestra Automatic Controller is a software running on mobile devices. It access to the most important functionalities already available on the desktop version, allowing a perfect usage even being far from the workstation.


To be able to record the warehouse flows and positions without installing a management software.


A new solution strictly oriented to the User Friendly feeling.

Voice Controls

A new solution strictly oriented to the User Friendly feeling.


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